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Medical Review Officer Services

Our emphasis is in helping our clients with excellence in personalized service when utilizing our Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Global Safety Network offers MRO services to employers, TPAs, clinics, and hospitals under the direction of Jon E. Bradbury, M.D.
Our services:
     •  Protect the rights of employers and employees
     •  Interface with all major SAMHSA labs
     •  Include 24-hour reporting on negative test results

Results are received electronically from the laboratories. These results are then reviewed by our Medical Review Officer and reported via e-mail, secure website, fax, phone or mail.  

MRO Responsibilities
     •  Review the information on the Custody and Control Form (CCF) and determine that the
         information is forensically and scientifically supportable
     •  Interview the donor when required
     •  Make a determination regarding the test result
     •  Report the verified test result to the employer
     •  Maintain records and confidentiality of the information

Our MROs play a central role in ensuring the fairness, accuracy, and integrity of your substance abuse program.